Session Considerations

Before you contact us to book a session consider the below items so you can provide us with as much information upon booking. This way we can ensure you get exactly what you want from your session.

Who is going to be in the pictures?

  • Obviously we are photographing your pet/s but do you want to be in the photos as well?
  • Do you want photos of your children with the pet?
  • Which of these pictures is the most important to you?- We will prioritise the most important pictures first while your pet is the most interested in whats happening!


When and where do you want the session to take place?

  • Poppy-19The session can take place anywhere, your garden, your home, a nearby park or a local monument you specifically want? We can even meet you at a beach of your choice as long as it is in Norfolk. (extra charges apply for outside of Norfolk, see Location for details). Stuck for ideas, we have a few suggestions of locations in Norfolk.
  • Choose the best day that suites you and make sure you put aside an hour for a mini session and 3 hours or more for the standard session. Time of day makes a difference; everyone loves sunsets and choosing that time of day offers the BEST light for photography, along with the chance of a beautiful backdrop. If the session is indoors then this is not much of a concern as I bring lights with me!


What to wear?

  • If you are going to be in the pictures then do dress nicely, but avoid wearing any patterned or clothing with large logos. Obviously if we are going to be outside on grass or sand then high heels are probably not the best idea!


Pets attire

  • Less is more when it comes to what the pets wear i.e. dog harness is not a great look, collar is better. If we are in a private garden, no collar is even better still. If however you want your pet to be wearing cute clothing then this is fine too.


Where do you plan on displaying the artwork?Clio-31

  • Considering where you want to put the pictures is important. If you know you want a large print on a wall thats green then a photo of a dog on grass is the wrong look as the photo will get lost in the wall. The dog in front of a brick wall, much better!
  • Do you want a collage of canvas prints, if so how many and what size. These details can really help the photographer achieve the look you are going for.
  • Do you have a traditional house or a modern one? Tradition houses benefit from traditional style photos where as a modern house with white walls would suit modern styles and colourful imagery.

Hopefully the information on this page will help you know what you want from the session. After booking you will be asked to fill in a pre session questionnaire, add all your ideas in there and help us make the beautiful photos you want.