Photo Locations in Norfolk

Norfolk has some beautiful locations for pet photography sessions to take place and below is a collection of the best ones with example pictures. Obviously anywhere can be a great location but some have some unique features that just make for a fantastic photo.

Waterloo Park in Norwich

A fantastic location in the heart of Norwich which offers a variety of features. One of my favourite places in norwich.

  • Vine covered walk ways
  • Pavilion
  • Bandstand
  • Water
  • Fields


Eaton Park in Norwich

Eaton Park has a huge variety of background to photograph in front of and this variety makes for a wide range of styles, all from one location. A gem in Norfolk for pet photographers for sure!

  • Band stand
  • Water
  • Long tree lined foot paths
  • Old circular building
  • Skate park
  • Fountain
  • Ornate stone railing


Earlham Park in Norwich

Located right next to the University of East Anglia, Earlham Park is also host to the BBC Big Weekender however the rest of the year is a fantastic location for a photo shoot.

  • Grass
  • Good sloped hills for sunset photos
  • Water
  • Benches

North Denes Beach- Lowestoft

Not in Norfolk but North Denes beach in Lowestoft has a wide variety of locations to photograph in, more than the average beach!

  • Old war bunkers
  • Wooded areas
  • Sand
  • Sea
  • Groynes
  • Rocks
  • Long Grass