Lemon Day Winners- Win & Arthur King Charles Cavaliers- Lowestoft Dog Photography

Win copyBack in November 2015 we took part in a charity driven community event in Wymondham in Norfolk called Lemon Day. This is where people cheer themselves up by wearing yellow and enjoy all things lemon! As part of the event I was asked to run a competition where people submitted a picture of their pet wearing something yellow. The folks of Wymondham would then vote to select a winner and that winner was a king charles cavalier called Win! See image right.

Win session took place at a beach near Lowestoft in Suffolk, just over the border from Norfolk. The weather promised to be sun but upon arrival it was overcast however neither I or Win’s owners were worried. A couple I had met earlier in the year at All About Dogs in Norwich, we all got on very well and set about getting some awesome photographs. Along with Win, we were joined by Arthur, Win’s brother who had also entered the competition.

We were required to take a photo of Win in his yellow scarf for the Wymondham Mercury paper which we did. We got lots of photos of both dogs, Win was great and would sit and stay relatively well however Arthur wasn’t so easy. Described by his owners as more “spaniel like” it was obvious that Arthur had plenty of energy and a serious ball addiction! Having photographed a wide range of energy levels I was more than able to get some nice static photos of Arthur and Win.

Some of the photos I would go on to enhance later in Photoshop because I knew there was little chance of getting both dogs sat on the stairs at the beach. I photographed each dog separately and then put them together in a composite in post production, this came out really well in my opinion.

Having spent most of the session photographing the dogs and the owners also I took the last 20 minutes of the session and switched over from the Nikkor 24-70 f2.8 to the Tokina 16-28 f2.8 to get some wider photos. As an experimental style, dogs just seem to look some funny when photographed with a wide lens, making their noses and heads look massive and their body tiny! By this point the sun had come out and it made for nice effects including some lens flare which was expected with this lens.

Overall I am super happy how this session turned out, they owners were great and the dogs exactly how they should be at the beach, having fun and running around! Take a look at the photos for yourself and if you like them please do send us a message.

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