Good luck getting my dog to stay still.


Pet Photography Excuses

“You’ll never photograph my dog.”

“My dog never stays still.”

“I’ve tried for ages with my phone to get a photo.”

“Good luck, he’s just got too much energy.”

The list goes on…

These are just a few of the comments I hear from some people when the concept of pet photography is presented to them. The idea of actually getting a good photo of your dog or cat seems to be impossible to these people, even when presented with action photos. Just because their pet has energy does not mean a beautiful picture cannot be made of it. It can!

It doesn’t matter if you have a cocker spaniel puppy which is blasting around for hours on end, or an old labrador with moseys along taking life as it comes. I can make a photo of a grey hound or a sleeping kitten. All is possible.

Why is it possible? I am a professional using professional equipment. I have a way with animals, I know how to get the attention of any animal, from dog to cat, snake or rabbit and even owls! Pictures are made showing the character and personality of your pet.

So if you are wishing to have a photo on your wall of your trusty sidekick, furry baby or pet hamster but are scared because you think it cannot be done, don’t. It can be done. Lebolo Photography will make it happen and the results will make your jaw drop (maybe even cry). And I can guarantee in the future, having these pictures will mean the world to you.

Now this fear has been addressed, why not book a session?