Archie & Bibi Wire Haired Pointers- Norfolk Dog Photography

This dog photography session was with Archie, a Slovakian Pointer and Bibi, a rare Wirehaired Pointer at their home in Norfolk, UK.

  • Archie- Slovakian Pointer-  It is worth noting that Archie has seasonal alopecia so does not have much hair on his body at the time of the photos. 
  • Bibi- Bohemian Wirehaired Pointing Griffon (Cesky Fousek). Note- Bibi is one of only a few of her breed in the country!

Archie and Bibi, such a wonder pair of dogs to work with as they have such characterful eyes. We started off indoors taking photographs in the lounge and then moved into the conservatory. It is at this point Bibi got distracted by a goose that was outside! After taking some more photos we headed on outdoors into the garden where we found some nice fall backgrounds to work with. They had a moment to bound around trying to steal the dummy from each other.

After moving to another part of the garden we let them just get on with whatever they wanted while we caught some more candid photographs.

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