Photo by Richard Ames

Having always being artistic and having grown up around dogs and cats I guess it was inevitable! I never knew what to do with my life until one day we got Chester, our super amazing french bulldog and my best buddy! As a young couple with a dog our focus was on his happiness and as you may guess we started taking photos of him, lots and lots of them!

At the time we considered getting professional photos of Chester done but looking around there were only one or two dedicated pet photographers in Norfolk and the pictures were quite clinical.

Naturally I started considering photographing him with a better camera than my old iPhone 4 because I couldn’t get the photos I was after so I purchased a DSLR camera and from here the passion was born. It didn’t start a chapter in my life, it gave the whole book meaning and purpose as something inside clicked for me and has led me down this path for which I am truly grateful.

Oh by the way my name is Matthew, it’s nice to meet you!

I reside in the Norfolk area of the United Kingdom and have done for most of my life. I am married to my beautiful wife Amee and we have a furry baby called Chester! In my spare time I like to kick back on the sofa and catch a film, I appreciate art in many forms, especially photography, and try to enjoy every day as it happens.

If you are wondering why I chose the name ‘Lebolo Photography’, my great-great-great-grandfather Antonio Lebolo was a well known archaeologist/tomb raider specialising in Egyptology. You can read about his amazing life here. Lebolo is my grandmothers’ maiden name and I wanted to continue her legacy so have adopted Lebolo as my photography business name. Pretty cool huh!

My Aim

I aim to provide my clients with unique beautiful photographs of their pet which captures their personality in my style which can be described as dreamy and modern.

About the images on this website.

This website uses low resolution watermarked images which allows for fast loading speed to enhance the user experience. All printed products are personally fulfilled by myself and use the final processed high resolution files which would be unsuitable for use on the internet.

Example- Website Image 0.10mb, Printed Image 25.0mb (250 times larger/ better quality). See below example.


If you want to see examples of high resolution images, please contact me.